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This Was The Worlds Best Kept Secret Until This Video Exposed It

The wonders of Peru and Koran!

The wonders of Peru and Koran!
Ahmad Shammazadeh
Peru is the center of a kind of Homo Sapiens who could fly to the space and sit in the space listening stations.
For this reason, we can read in the Jinn chapter of the Holy Koran, many facts in many aspects about the Jinn or homo sapiens!
You can read Some important facts on behalf of a group of Jinn through the verses 7 to 9 of the Jinn chapter as following:
7. ‘And they thought as you (The human beings) thought, that God never send any messenger.
8. ‘And we were seeking for a way to reach to the sky (as like as before); but found it filled with stern guards and meteors!
9. ‘And verily’ we used to sit there in space listening stations (for Eavesdropping) but anyone listens now, will find a flaming bullets in ambush (following him).
Explanation about word ofNow’:
It’s the time of th Koran descending on 610 AD. For this reason after this time, many of civilizations who could fly to the sky, have gone into degeneration, like as Nazca and Moche.
Explanation of an event
From the 16th of January to the 12th of April 1992, in the Fountain salon of the Eur Exhibition of Rome, objects from the Southern America civilization were exhibited to show the Incas’ ancestors and their civilizations. The report was presented under the title Myths of Peru in Rome in the February 1992 issue of Saint Anthony Vatican.
I could visit the ancient objects, would be related to my ideas in the anthropology. At the exhibition, I saw ceramic figurines confirming that Southern America had been in charge of the Jinn, since long times ago and they had used to go to the space!!
I believe and insist on my belief that the lines and designs on the ground in a wide dimension, such as the ninety-meter bird so called Golden Wings Bird of the Nazca civilization, to be seen from above, have been considered as an Airport!!

In this exhibition, one of the statues has “an especial cap with a pair of special headphones that is equipped with a receiver with a small dish with a helical-shaped connector as a collector for transmitting waves emitted to the ear and connected to the right ear”.

This sculpture is a wonderful art because the artist would be able to show the state of the listening in the face and especially in the eyes of the statue!! as I mentioned before, the jinn had been listening in their space stations for eavesdropping the revelation, but since descending of Koran, it was forbidden, and afterwards their civilizations began to decline.

The Moche civilization, which is derived from the famous family name of this civilization, has been in existence since one century BC to the seventh century. That is right at the time of descending of the Holy Koran, and because of they have been deprived of eavesdropping, consequently their civilization has gone to degeneration!
Unfortunately, the reporter of this monthly magazine, like as some others, considers these works in the artistic aspect, and because he is not aware of the Koranic Archaeology, can not present some point of views just or near the truth about this kind of wonders of the ancient world.
Also, many archaeologists consider the monuments of the Nazca civilization which existed until the beginning of the 7th century, as somethings related to the gods (the title of the jinn in the language of archaeologists, especially Eric Von Daniken), and only some of them have pointed to these signs and monuments as an airport had been there.

The third civilization, which was lost in the early 7th century, is the Egyptian Isis civilization, dating between 400 to 600 AD.

These are a part of many civilizations have gone to elimination on the beginning of 7th century by appearance of Prophet Muhammad and descending of the Holy Koran, and prohibition the Jinn to fly, which confirm the Jinn civilizations or civilizations which anyway related to the Jinn, have began to decline.

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تاراج منابع و منافع ملی!

تاراج منابع و منافع ملی!
احمد شمّاع زاده
خبرگزاری داشجویان ایران- تهران گزارش میدهد که در منطقه شهداد کرمان در تاریخ 8/8/89 بر اثر دستگیری دو نفر که قصد داشتند جنازه مومیایی یک موجود کوتوله را از کشور خارج کنند و به مبلغ سه میلیارد تومان به کشور آلمان بفروشند این کشف علمی بر ملا شده است. تا اینجا یک خبر علمی است که هر اهل پژوهشی از شنیدن آن شاد میشود؛ ولی گویا این واقعه در ایران رخ داده؛ بنابراین نباید به آن دل خوش کرد زیرا دنباله خبر ناگوار است.
دنباله خبر به طور خلاصه: پس از اینکه فرمانده نیروی انتظامی درباره این خبر مصاحبه و چند باستانشناس اظهارنظر میکنند به یکباره فرمان در میرسد که خبر را تکذیب کنید و همه سایتهایی که خبر را گزارش کرده اند خبر را حذف کنند که این کار صورت میگیرد و تنها سایتی که این کار را نمیکند فیلتر میشود. و...

این اولین باری نیست که چنین کشفی صورت میگیرد ولی مشخص نمیشود که اولا چرا این کشفها توسط ظاهراً کسانی صورت میگیرد که باستانشناس نیستند ولی کار زیرخاکی میکنند؟!! و برعکس کسانی که باستانشناس هستند بیکارند؟!!
دوم اینکه چرا دولت نمی آید این روند را دگرگونه کند و تیمهای باستانشناسی را به مناطقی که این آثار در آنها وجود دارد گسیل کند و زیر نظر نیروی انتظامی قراردهد تا از سوء استفاده به هر شکلش پیشگیری شود.
سوم اینکه این اشیاء کشف شده چه میشود؟ مثلا آیا اگر پس از هجده ماه اکنون به موزه ملی سربزنیم آن را مییابیم؟
از نظر اقتصادی، اگر این کشفها پیش یا پس از کشف دزدیده نشوند و در موزه های ایران به نمایش گذارده شوند ایران از نظر آثار باستانی کمتر از مصر نخواهدبود که درامدش از توریست، بسیار بیش از درامد نفت ایران است. البته مصر که جای خود را دارد بلکه کشور ترکیه نیز بسیار بیش از درامد نفت ایران درامد توریستی دارد.

از نظر علمی نیز دانشمندان ایران و جهان میتوانند از این کشفها بهره برداری کنند و نظرهای تاره ای ارائه دهند که انسان همواره در پی کشف حقایق گذشته برای بهره برداری در ساختن آینده است.
اگر این کشف در کشوری اروپایی رخ داده بود یک سمینار تشکیل میدادند تا دانشمندان اهل نظر در این زمینه نظرهای خود را ارائه دهند و سپس در موزه قرارش میدادند و بهره برداری اقتصادی صورت میگرفت.

از نظر شما چه دستهای پنهانی پشت این پنهانکاریها وجوددارد؟
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